Landy 4.2m(13.7 ft) Solar Pool Cover

70% of people choose a swimming pool cover from the perspective of safety, but in fact, they should first choose material and size, and then choose its performance, safety and load-bearing. In the size of the swimming pool cover, LANDY was the only PE solar cover in China that can achieve a width of 4.2 meters (13.7ft). We use an Italian bubble machine, and the bubble cover is formed at one time, without welds, two-color, smooth and beautiful. After a year of research and development and 8 formula adjustments, this ordinary swimming pool cover has passed the UV resistant, environmental protection, non-toxic, and weather resistance tests. Landy solar cover has been a qualified supplier for 4 consecutive years and has entered Aidi supermarkets. The market demand is quite large.

Guangdong Guangzhou Nansha No. 215, Shipai Industrial Zone, Dongchong Town, Nansha District