A pool heater can heat your water so you can start your pool season early, but if you don’t have a heater or want to save on energy costs, a solar pool cover is a great option. This guide will help you choose the best solar pool cover for your needs.


  1. Select Size & Shapes

If you have a standard size round pool, oval pool, or rectangular pool, choosing a lid is very simple. If your pool is of an irregular shape or size, be sure to choose a cover that is as long as the longest part and as wide as the widest part of the pool. It’s easy to cut the pool cover with scissors to perfectly fit the shape of your pool.

  1. Select Bubble Model

Bubble Shape: Round, flowered, heart-shaped, hemispherical

Bubble Diameter(mm): 10, 12, 16

  1. Select the Color/GSM

Colors: Blue, gray, Black, Transparent, green, black + blue, Gold + Blue, gray + blue

GSM: 200, 360, 450, 540

All products are custom style, delivery time: 15-20 working days. Contact us for free samples.

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Solar Hood Saves Energy

This solar blanket increases water temperature by about 15 degrees and prevents up to 70% of pool water and chemicals from evaporating. Save your time and money. Comes with 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Solar Cover Saves Water And Pool Chemicals

Increase pool temperature by 8°C

Reduce chemical consumption by up to 40%

Reduce energy consumption by up to 70%

Eliminates water evaporation 98% +

Solar Cover Keeps Garbage Out

Pool covers of any type help prevent debris such as branches and leaves from collecting in the pool, reducing debris contamination

The Solar Cover Is Easy To Use And Has a Long Life

Landy Solar Pool Covers are lightweight, flexible and easy to put on and take off, making them very easy to use. Landy Solar Pool Cover 6 Years + Life Expectancy

How To Remove a Solar Cover From Your Inground Or Above Ground Pool?


If you have a large pool, or if you swim a lot, it can be a hassle to remove the solar blanket every time you want to use your pool. Pool Cover Rollers can help! The pool cover roller system not only makes it easy and quick to cover or uncover your pool by turning the handle or wheels, but also allows the roller to be moved aside when not in use. Rolls are also important to help align the cover properly and prevent sagging.

Important Notes: Always remove the solar blanket from the pool before allowing anyone to swim. If you temporarily remove the solar blanket, be sure to cover it or keep it in the shade to prolong its lifespan.

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