Pool Fence Height & Lengths

Standard heights are 122cm/150cm/180cm, 122cm for children under 3 years old and pets, and 150cm for 3-5 year old children. 4 sides/piece, the standard length of each side is 16′, purchase the corresponding number according to the size of the swimming pool, the extra part can be cut and reassembled according to the installation video

Fence Colors

Mesh & Border Colors: Black (Best Selling), Blue (2022 New), Green, see the fence color gallery.

Pool Fence Material Properties

According to the professional experimental equipment and field use records of Landy laboratory, the swimming pool fence mesh has superior performance, anti-static, anti-wrinkle, strong fastness, Tear Resistant, Waterproof, UV Resistant and Flame Retardant. Click to download the material experiment certificate.

Pool Fence Tube

Aluminum tube + PVC rod inner core, flexible and will not break, Height 126cm, the length of the socket part is 15cm, and the diameter is 25mm. Smooth surface, anti-rust layer sprayed; high strength; not easy to deform

Pool Fence Kits





Fence Gate

Sold separately, same height as fence, width 76cm


Safety Hook

Stainless steel material, buckle hook design, children are not easy to untie



The tube is threaded on the outside, non-slip and not easy to remove, for fence cloth insertion into the ground kit


Sleeve Cover

Consistent with the number of sleepers, it is used to block holes when the fence cloth is not used.


Template Paper

Mark the punch position according to the hole position on the paper


Drilling Kit

We do not sell drilling kits, but we can recommend drill bit sizes and drills for your pool floor

Visit the Landy Pool Factory

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How Much Is A Removable Pool Fence?

The MOQ is 5 pieces, but the shipping fee will be higher; if the purchase quantity is more than 100 pieces, the price and the shipping fee to arrive are cheaper. Suppliers and customers are welcome to contact us for free quotes, online 24 hours a day.

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